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BC Rich Havoc Basses

Bassist John Moyer’s B.C. Rich Signature Havoc bass is a staple of John’s recording and live shows. Moyer says “The power and precision of my B.C. Rich Havoc spreads the sickness night after night. The only bass I ever take the stage with!!”   The John Moyer Signature Havoc is available in 4 and 5-string models.  The bass features a paulonia body with rosewood fretboard, bone nut, Traben Technology internal bridge, 35″ scale, bolt-on construction, two Rockfield humbucker pickups, Aguilar Amplification OBP-3 preamp, three-band eq with volume and five- way switch.

Kustom JOHN MOYER Signature G810H JM

The 2,000-watt G-810H-JM bass cabinet is intended for use with the Groove 1300HD amp head and is built using eight 10-inch U.S.-made Eminence® speakers and a compression horn with a variable volume attenuator. It features striking artwork on its grill that was developed by John Moyer in tandem with Kustom artists. The result is an 8×10 cabinet with an awesome sound and look.

The cabinet is built with 18mm plywood, covered in a durable vinyl and ready to roll with its built-in wheels, tilt bar and spring-loaded handles. When you’re ready, strap yourself down and give the G-810H-JM a listen. You will be moved. Literally.



Kustom and John Moyer, acclaimed bassist for multi-platinum selling band Disturbed, have joined for forces to produce the KBA16X-JM. This model is a 16-watt practice amp for bass guitars that is great for warming up backstage or working at home or in the studio. It features customized graphics inspired by John Moyer, a 4-band active EQ, an 8-inch CelestionTM speaker, built-in limiter and an external speaker jack.


 Rock House Method Bass Instructional DVD

Playing bass is much like playing guitar in the respect that there are a number of different approaches you can use to shape the sound of your playing. John Moyer offers a unique look at the techniques he employs while providing the low-end for Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob in the new instructional DVD ‘Modern Metal Bass’ from Hal Leonard and Rock House.

Aspiring bassists will learn how to blend simple playing techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides with more complex maneuvers to “create a sound that cuts through.” Moyer, who recorded special backing tracks to assist the learning process, will also provide insight on how he composes bass lines for his songs.





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