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Here are some of my favorite songs that I have produced. I have been very fortunate to have worked with so many talented musicians over the years.  Here is a short list of some of my favorites. more info about each song can be found below.

Flames – DMC/Myles Kennedy

Transcend the Machine”  - Mick Blankenship

Incinerate – Neverwake

Give In- 1 Echo 1

Dear Mom – Vetted

Taste- Unconfined



DMC-Myles-Kennedy-John-MoyerDMC/Myles Kennedy

I wrote, played guitar and bass, and produced this song for DMC as part of a forthcoming rock record.  At the time the Baltimore riots were happening and when D asked me what I felt the song was about I said I wanted to write about the civil unrest unrest happening in our country.  It was a tough sell at first but i feel he handled the lyrics perfectly as he preached of a better way. Myles came in later and took my lyric of burn up in flames and he ran with it making this my favorite song that I have produced so far.
Gun violence is a hot button topic in America and one that rapper Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is ready to address straight on with his new song “Flames.” The musician, who came to fame as part of RUN-DMC, has recruited Alter Bridge and Slash vocalist Myles Kennedy and Disturbed bassist John Moyer to join him on the new song.The song itself takes on such topics as police brutality and street violence, where guns are typically the weapon of choice. He also hits on the inability to stop gang violence in cities and is critical of politicians who have been unable to thwart the flow of illegal weapons that further the violence. McDaniels cautions, “What I’m saying is not anti-police and it’s not … against my community. It’s about using common sense to alleviate all the problems.”

While DMC raps through the verses, the instantly recognizable vocals of Myles Kennedy power the chorus, and Moyer’s bass thunders under the hard-hitting song. “Why does the answer always gotta be a gun?” posits DMC in the song, while Kennedy’s chorus is equally powerful as he belts, “Burn, Burn, Burn up in flames / Look inside, kill the rage, cause you know we bleed the same / In the end the truth still remains / Can we find a better way before it all goes up in flames.”



Mick Blankenship



One of my more recent collaborations was with the talented Mick Blankenship. Known for recording excellent covers Mick reached out to me in an effort to find “his” sound. I feel we achieved that and more with the songs we did together. Check out the track “Transcend the Machine”  

Neverwake is a metal band out of Pittsburgh that displays highly crafted songs and excellent musicianship. Think A7x meets Rise Against. I had the pleasure of producing their latest EP “Incinerate”. Check out the title track.








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1 Echo 1

1 echo 1 star1 echo1 band

Hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. 1 Echo 1 is a 5 piece rock band that combine electronica with rock creatin a very polished original sound.. I have had the pleasure of producing 2 eps for them.

Guaranteed to capture your attention with a perfect mix of hard hitting guitars and powerful keyboards. Don’t pass up a chance to hear one of the most unique sounding bands of today.

Check out the song Fading Dark  and Give In

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vetted pic

These boys have a special place in my heart as they spread the message of healing through music. Working with them was a powerful experience as I saw the world from the perspective of warriors finding their way.








We are the first nationally recognized all wounded warrior band called, Vetted (formerly Warrior Spirit Band ) .The band is comprised of all combat wounded warriors from Iraq, and Afghanistan. We travel the US playing on military bases, veteran’s functions, and various festivals. The idea was started in 2009 by wounded warrior, and drummer SSG (ret) Paul Delacerda. Since it inception, Vetted has played across the country from east coast to west coast. We share our love of music, by presenting our story through lyrics and sound. Vetted has done so much for our men and women of the armed forces that have sacrificed their ability to lead a normal life after being wounded, or disabled in combat. Vetted helps bring selected veteran outreach programs to spotlight and raise awareness of struggles our warriors go through when transitioning home and re-acclimating to a normal life.

 check out this song- Dear Mom

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Snake Skin Prison

Co-wrote with Matt Noveskey (Blue October) and Matt Ballenge (Snake Skin Prison) and co-produced with Noveskey the lead track “Come & Take It” from the Snake Skin Prison ep Smokin’ Whiskey.
About Snake Skin Prison:  Breeding Pure American Hot Rod Rock N Roll and burning their path all over the Great State of Texas, no stage is too small and no crowd too big to witness the Loudest Spectacle Under the Sky! After only two years together, SSP has headlined some of The Lone Star States’ biggest festivals, as well as played well over 200+ gigs…and are showing no signs of stopping…only growing stronger, louder, and faster.

I wrote and produced 4 songs for the video Game Scivelation. The game never came out unfortunately but there was a review of the music.

 Composed and produced original music for the video game Scivelation.

Scivelation (previously known as Salvation) is a third-person shooter being developed by TopWare Interactive and Ukrainian developer, Black Wing Foundation for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Although the game is not scheduled for release until 2014 the music was reviewed by the popular online video game site “Destructoid”

Scivelation: TopWare page

Destructoid Review

“While meeting with TopWare Interactive to discuss their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Scivelation, all I was actually shown of the game was its logo. But what I heard of the game brought an interesting surprise. Accompanying the logo on screen was a dramatic, layered orchestral track. Very fitting for Scivelation‘s post-apocalyptic setting, it was moody and rather beautiful.

Then I was told that it was composed by John Moyer, bassist of the metal band Disturbed, and my mind was blown. TopWare’s PR Director Vincent Harding explained that Moyer has been working closely with the developers, receiving key assets and drawing upon them for inspiration in creating the music.

I honestly never would have guessed. I don’t typically doubt the capability of musicians to expand into other styles and genres of music because it’s kind of a stupid thing to do. Everyone likes to experiment, after all, and you don’t get into playing music professionally without a love for it. Just goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”-Conrad Zimmerman



1406923362_Ohio-30 Ascending from Ashes

The streets are burning for retribution. They need reminders – suggestions that the fiery passions of their souls are still shared by a sleeping majority. The dark horses of the world still cling to their headphones, walking the streets and bellowing the melodies of unforgotten champions; melodies not much different than those of New Jersey’s Ascending From Ashes. By combining Morello-esque riffing with the anthemic tendencies of Imagine Dragons, AFA achieve the aggressive essence of the suburban underdog, ascending to the pinnacle of defiance.


Ascending from Ashes- Check out this song Asphyxiation

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Wretched Sky

From Las Vegas, Nevada comes a new form of Rock. Produced by John Moyer of Multi-Platinum Rock group Disturbed, WRETCHED SKY’s first EP, “Lunacy” is available now.

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AnyGivenSin_Cover2Any Given Sin

Any Given Sin is a hard rock band based out of Southern Maryland. Members are Vic Ritchie (vocals) Mike Conner (guitar) Mike Showalter (drums) and Rich Stevenson (bass). Any Given Sin has released two Ep’s and is currently working on their first full length LP due for release in late 2017. The first EP titled “The Other Side” was released in 2013. The second EP titled “Forbidden” was released in 2015 and produced by John Moyer of Disturbed. John also joined in on co -writing the title track of the EP. Both EP’s have title video’s from each which can be viewed on YouTube.
Any Given Sin is no stranger to hard work and believe that hard work and sacrifices go hand in hand in the music business.
The live performances are where that is shown. Any Given Sin hold you captive from the first note of the first song to the last note of the very last song.
The passion this band has is left there on the stage and is felt through out the show.
Any Given Sin’s style is not one you can place in one genre of rock. You hear so many different influences and directions in the bands music that there is something for everyone to enjoy.
They hold their fans in such high regards and believe their fans are who they are there for that they make sure to give them nothing but the very best they have to give and settle for nothing less.
Any Given Sin has not only had the pleasure of working with some of the best artists in the music industry, but also have shared the stage with a lot of them as well.
Any Given Sin takes pride in knowing that once you have seen them live that you will see what they have built all of their hard work and sacrifices on.

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